Emergency Support for Queenslanders

Labor supports Queenslanders through difficult times.

COVID-19 has put immense pressure on all Queenslanders, both collectively and individually but, we have risen to the challenge.

We’ve backed each other in, and stuck together. There is no greater example of that than the Care Army.

Thousands of Queenslanders put their hand up to help our most vulnerable out, and provide the support necessary to help them cope in a time of crisis. Because that’s what Queenslanders do.

The Palaszczuk Government recognises that it isn’t just physical vulnerability that has made Queenslanders susceptible to hardship from COVID-19 – its financial vulnerability as well.

We don’t want Queenslanders to fall through the cracks. We don’t want them to have to seek assistance from a predatory pay day lender.

That’s why a re-elected Palaszczuk Labor Government will provide an additional $6.2 million over the next two years to provide emergency support services to financially vulnerable Queenslanders.

Only Labor will support Queenslanders when they're at their most vulnerable.

Read our full policy here.

We're committing to $6.2 million in emergency support services.
$2.2 million will go to emergency relief to provide food vouchers and parcels and other support.
$4 million for financial counselling to vulnerable Queenslanders in obtaining no interest loans.
We're employing 20 NGO workers.