Our teachers and teacher aides are the foundation of the world class education system we have here in Queensland, setting up our kids for a great future.

The Palaszczuk Labor Government has employed an additional 6,000 teachers and almost 1,500 teacher aides since coming to office in 2015, but with Queensland’s state schools projected to grow by at least 8,000 extra students each year we need to be sure we can keep up.
Our teachers and teacher aides do a fantastic job day in day out across the length and breadth of the state. That's why we will invest in 6,190 new teachers and more than 1,100 new teacher aides right across Queensland to meet that growth. 

Only a Palaszczuk Labor Government will continue to invest in our teachers and teacher aides as there is no greater investment in our future and our economy than investing in the education of the children of today.
6,190 new teachers over the next four years
1,139 new teacher aides over the next four years
$19.8 million Turn to Teaching internship program