Saving Habitat, Protecting Wildlife and Restoring Land

Queensland Labor has a long history of balancing environmental protection with growing our agriculture sector.

It was Labor that drove land clearing down from rates on par with the clearing of the Amazon Basin, to an all-time low in 2009.

It was due to Labor reforms that Australia was able to meet its Kyoto targets for reducing carbon pollution. While these laws were in place, the agriculture sector grew by almost $2 billion.

Tree clearing rates in Queensland have reached unsustainable levels, putting at risk our iconic native wildlife, climate and the Great Barrier Reef.

A re-elected Palaszczuk Labor Government will drive down excessive tree clearing rates. We will support a sustainable and prosperous agricultural sector and spearhead the development of new economic and environmental opportunities through supporting projects that sequester carbon, restore valuable habitat, repair riparian vegetation and improve water quality.

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$500m land restoration fund
New legislation to protect trees
High-quality digital satellite imagery for vegetation management monitoring